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Question: Francesco Borromini
Answer: Italian architect Francesco Borromini designed the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane church in Rome.
Question: Louise Blanchard Bethune
Answer: Louise Blanchard Bethune was the first professional woman architect in the United States.
Question: Andrea Mantegna
Answer: Andrea Mantegna was a painter and engraver of the Italian Renaissance.
Question: Jan van Eyck
Answer: Flemish painter Jan van Eyck was famous for his oil painting.
Question: Jacques-Francois Blondel
Answer: French architect Jacques-Francois Blondel established the first art school to teach architecture.
Question: Helen Frankenthaler
Answer: American Helen Frankenthaler was an abstract expressionist painter.
Question: Jean Nouvel
Answer: Jean Nouvel was the recipient of the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize.
Question: William Morris Hunt
Answer: William Morris Hunt studied painting in Paris and brought French style back to the United States.
Question: Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt
Answer: Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt influenced the architecture of much of Europe in the 18th century.
Question: Juan Guas
Answer: Juan Guas is considered the finest architect of late 15th-century Spain.
"The Adoration of the Shepherds" by Andrea Mantegna in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1450.

This or That? Painter vs. Architect

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This or That? Painter vs. Architect
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